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AIR Convention launches Digital Week to assist aviation businesses
Published: 2020-05-13

In the context of the global pandemic, AIR Convention is taking a path of adaptation to a digital reality. Next month, the conference is launching a new project – AIR Convention Digital Week. 

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One of the world's top aviation hubs expands with new services
Published: 2019-10-02

After several years of working separately, multiple aviation events, recruitment and news services are joining together under AeroTime Hub umbrella to form one of the largest aviation digital hub currently in the world.

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Aviation Industry Awards Europe 2019 announced the winners
Published: 2019-09-19

AIR Convention Europe 2019, held in Vilnius, Lithuania, has announced the winners of the bi-annual commercial aviation industry competition – Aviation Industry Awards.

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AIR Convention Europe 2019 begins, gathers around 700 aviation leaders in Lithuania
Published: 2019-09-18

On September 17th, more than 700 aviation industry experts arrived in Vilnius, Lithuania to start the new session of talks about the present and future of the global commercial aviation market. The second AIR Convention Europe has officially started.

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The excitement for flying starts from the ground up
Published: 2019-07-18

New routes, airline developments, brand-new planes and breaking records: aviation always has captivating news to offer. However, aviation media is not immune to the tectonic shifts that impact all news providers. Worldwide tendencies show that only 42% of people now trust the news providers they use themselves*. The ever-increasing flow of information makes it hard to understand which news are to make an impact and which developments will determine the way we will fly in the future. Thus, innovation, passion for aviation and industry expertise is playing an increasingly important role in today’s aviation news media.

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AIR Convention Asia 2019 is officially on, Aviation Industry Awards winners revealed
Published: 2019-05-06

Commercial aviation forum AIR Convention Asia launched in Bangkok, Thailand on May 1, 2019. Inviting hundreds of aviation professionals, decision-makers and influential companies, the event is the biggest commercial aviation forum held in the country.

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Aviation giants square off at the Aviation Industry Awards Asia
Published: 2019-04-12

AIR Convention’s Annual Aviation Industry Awards are back for 2019 prompting aviation industry giants to go up against each other once again. Last year big names like Airbus, Lufthansa, Norwegian and Changi beat out the competition in Aircraft Manufacturer, FSC, LCC and Airport categories.

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AIR Convention Asia brings aviation industry giants to Bangkok
Published: 2019-03-07

Two years ago Thailand’s capital Bangkok became the most visited city in the world, overtaking destinations like Paris and London. Tourism is thriving in the country accounting for 22% of its GDP in 2018 and Thailand is expecting a record 41.1 million foreign tourists in 2019. Unsurprisingly, air travel companies are taking note. Bangkok is becoming one of the top attractions for aviation industry giants and new government initiatives are utilizing flourishing economy to make Thailand a technology and aerospace hub of the future. 

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Humans need not apply: robots are taking over airports
Published: 2019-01-30

Just a decade back a fully automated airport with no staff seemed something out of a science fiction movie. Today it is a reality. From Glasgow Airport’s trial with GLAdys, Shenzhen Airport’s operating security robot Anbot to the fully automated Changi’s Terminal 4 − the industry seems to be moving towards a completely seamless experience for passengers. Starting with biometrics and ending with customer service robots, what does the airport of the future look like and do humans need not apply?

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Airlines go bankrupt: will you make it home for Holidays?
Published: 2018-12-21

The past year has not been easy for European airlines – Air Berlin, Primera Air, SkyWork, Cobalt Air, Monarch and Small Planet Airlines, VLM Airlines Brussels all shut down. Meanwhile WOW Air’s acquisition by Icelandair Group fell through leaving the transatlantic carrier to fend for itself after reporting a 36% profit drop in its third quarter 2018 financial results. And although the carrier is now looking at a $75 million investment from Indigo Partners, the fact remains that more airlines are at risk this coming year.

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