Expat Captain B777/787

Expat Captain B777/787

PublishedPublished: Published 3 weeks ago
ExpiresExpires: Expiring in 1 month
Captain / Commander

Aircraft type

B787| B777



Ethiopian Airlines Group would like to invite international qualified candidates in the capacity of Expat Captain B777/787 position.

  • Position: Expat Captain B777/787
  • Location
  • Registration date : Open
  • Qualification Requirement
  1. Must hold a current and valid JAA/FAA or ICAO ATPL/CPL
  2. Valid  777/787 type rating
  3. Minimum total flying hours 3,500 Hrs
    • Out of the total flying hours, 2500 hours Pilot in command on jet aircraft and Command time in excess of 500 hours on 777/787
  4. Language proficiency: English ICAO level 4 or more.
  5. Age: Not more than 60 years old


  • Applicants are required to send their CV/application form along with scanned copy of their substantial documents including but not limited to valid Medical Certificate, valid ATPL/CPL, log book copy that can show total flight hours, license authentication letter from the respective country’s Civil Aviation Authority
  • Applicants must be current and qualified i.e. within three months of their last proficiency check. They must have two years valid passport, current and valid medical, no history of accidents or incidents and must have excellent standard of English language.

NB: If anyone found to apply or join Ethiopian Airlines Group with false information will lead to subsequent termination from the process or employment upon discovery of the fact.

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