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UAS International Trip Support was founded in 2000 by four aviation enthusiasts with a vision to create a global enterprise providing international trip support services to places no one had serviced before. 

With a vision to serve the aviation industry’s constantly changing demands, UAS was declared the “fastest growing aviation company in the Aviation Industry” by the Institute of Transport Management in UK just six months after launch. 

An extensive global network helped UAS earn recognition as one of Aviation Business Magazine’s “5 Companies to Watch in 2013.” 

Today UAS has continental headquarters in strategic cities worldwide and is fully equipped to service any location across the globe, including the most challenging and remote stations. 

The company opened its headquarters for the Americas in Houston, Texas and launched its African headquarters in Johannesburg, Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong, in addition to its Middle East headquarters in Dubai. Each of UAS’s headquarters and regional offices have an in- house operations centre. Each centre provides extensive and comprehensive customer support, backed by more than fifteen years of operational excellence. 

UAS experts hails from more than 50 nationalities and cultures, collectively they speak in excess of 42 languages and have over 500 years of combined operational experience. They are available 24/7 to provide end-to-end seamless flight plans, arrange permits on short notice, coordinate ground handling services and ensure fuel uplifts to the world’s most challenging destinations.

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