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Grant Shonkwiler first started making games when he was 12 years old, starting with modding and programming. Since then he has filled many different roles in the game industry: programmer, lead designer, technical producer and currently is a leadership and production consultant. His career has taken him from casual games at Megatouch Games, to AAA shooters at id Software and to Epic Games to work on Fortnite. Grant currently runs his own consulting company, and is the co-author of Gear Up: Advanced Game Development Practices. Grant also enjoys building communities within the industry working with the IGDA and the GameDevDrinkup. He can be found throwing himself out of airplanes or on a rugby pitch on the weekends.<\/p>,avatarAssetUrl: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/images/5ad4ead1396f8c87d1ac89cc/…},assetUrl: https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5f2d9e29ef184c34342234b5/… image/jpeg,items: [ ],pushedServices: { },pendingPushedServices: { },recordTypeLabel: image,originalSize: 2500x1349},imageOverlayOpacity: 0.32,backgroundWidth: background-width--full-bleed,sectionHeight: section-height--small,customSectionHeight: 85,horizontalAlignment: horizontal-alignment--left,verticalAlignment: vertical-alignment--middle,contentWidth: content-width--medium,sectionTheme: bright,sectionAnimation: none,backgroundMode: image} data-section-id=5f2da0ad007b8e58d6735486 data-section-theme=bright data-test=page-section style=padding-top: 117.583px;>

SojoFlight: providing exceptional client service with integrity.

  • Aviation Consulting

  • Permanent Crew Placement

  • Crew Provision

  • Private Aviation Ferry Services

  • IS-BAO Auditing

  • Operational Support Services

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