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SkyUp Airlines is a Ukrainian airline established in June 2017. Our mission is to encourage people to travel, thereby changing their worldview. The company is one of the largest air carriers in Ukraine - according to the annual statistics of Ukraerorukh for 2021, we took second place among Ukrainian airlines in terms of the number of flights performed in the airspace of Ukraine.

It is completely impossible to operate in Ukrainian skies due to the war, therefore we completely reformatted our activities, scaled up and entered the international market.

We have 10 birds in our fleet - medium-haul Boeing 737 aircraft, the average age of which is 14 years. We take flight safety very seriously and demonstrate a high level of compliance with standards - currently our SAFA rating is 0.3.

With the beginning of the full-scale war of russia against Ukraine, we operate and carry out our activities according to three vectors: we provide our aircraft for wet leasing (wetlease), we perform special flights to/from all major airports in Europe and the world (with the exception of the russian federation, the Republic of Belarus and territories where hostilities are underway) and we offer our aircraft for charter flights as well.

As a company with Ukrainian DNA, we are ambitious, brave and resistant to any challenges.

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