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About us

SAARTHI AIRWAYS as an air charter provider has been arranging the best travel solutions according to clients’ needs since 2004.

Based in New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, our fleet ranges from business jets, turbo props and helicopters.

The Saarthi Airways team of aviation specialists provides the benefits of a private jet without the responsibility of owning an aircraft and air charter services including solutions for high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and corporates needing to fly regularly & for the discerning travellers who fly occasionally by arranging ad hoc flights based on availability.

Over the last decade, Saarthi Airways has established a reputation for providing seamless air charter solutions for election campaigning, aerial photography, cargo aircraft, passenger commercial aircraft, emergency evacuation, air ambulance transfer, tourism and private business air travel.

Despite this wide spectrum of offerings, our commitment to customer service has not faltered and remains the foundation of the business to this day! 

- Capt. Anirudh Tanwar,
Director, SAARTHI AIRWAYS Private Limited

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