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  • Since the departure of its first flight, Hainan Airlines has seen 24 years of safe operations and has accumulated over 5 million hours of safe flights, maintaining an outstanding safety record. It has been listed as NO.3 safest airlines by JACDEC, 5-star Airlines by SKYTRAX for 7 consecutive years, and NO.9 among World Top 10 Airlines.
  • Current fleet is comprised of Boeing 737s, B767 and 787s, and Airbus 330s, among which B787s is the largest one in China.
  • Hainan Airlines posseses the largest expatriate pilots fleet in China by providing job opprtunities of A330, B787 and B737 on type, as well as transitions from A320 to A330, B777 to B787.
  • Hainan Airlines embraces "Oriental hospitality", advocates a "respect for the customer" service spirit, follows the "SMILE" service standard, passes on the "Fly your dreams" brand philosophy, and showcases the "Oriental Beauty" in the new international brand image, with an aim to become a world-class airline and an aviation brand for the Chinese nation.


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