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3Crew are a New Zealand based airline resource management firm that offer contract pilot and cabin crew jobs, as well as interview preparation. This includes both generic and tailored assessment preparation services suitable for general aviation to major airlines and products designed to cater for specific major airlines in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. 


  • Over 36 years combined experience
  • Access to specialist in the aviation field enable us to tailor an individual approach that is just right for you
  • A range of fantastic contract opportunities with the best 24/7 support throughout application and employment
  • Unique and customer experience for every client, both airlines and crew 
  • Interview workbooks and information packages - The information you won't get elsewhere 
  • We hear the inside industry information first
  • We are pilots...We know the industry; We have the connections; We have the reach into pilot community; We have been in your shoes; We know how you feel and how to help
  • One stop for interview, psychometric/aptitude and simulator preparation 

Our brand is built upon professionalism and high quality. The evidence is in our results. Our clients are our spokespersons. 

Every person and business is unique, and each have their own challenges and requirements. No one approach fits all. We ensure you get what suits you in order to fulfil your needs.

We have experience and passion not only for what we do, but also for helping others achieve their success. This means success for you.

Our methods have been tried and refined, and we have helped our clients refine theirs. In addition, we are pilots solidly embedded in the industry, with a reach into the pilot market for airlines seeking crew, also allowing us to maintain up to date assessment methods for interview preparation.


We will give you an insight to our business, our preparation techniques, and provide you with the material, guidance and support you need to achieve your maximum career potential.

When applying for a contract position, we will walk you through the application process and leave you feeling comfortable and informed from application stage, onwards throughout your employment.


Workbooks, mock interviews, and simulator sessions are analysed in detail and quality feedback is provided throughout and at completion of your preparation. When undertaking contract employment through 3Crew, you can rest assured that we will support you throughout your contract period to ensure you have the most satisfying experience possible.


No one approach will fit all businesses or individuals. 3Crew assess every businesses or individuals needs, analyse what approach is required to achieve your goals in the required time frame and maintain open communication and feedback. 

Whether an airline, other aviation business, pilot or cabin crew, our consultants provide 24/7 ongoing support from the moment you make an enquiry. Businesses and individuals will receive the same unique, custom, high quality approach that is valued by 3Crew.

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