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Wright Aviation
Want to reach the sky, want to fly your dream machine, and want to get the most out of your new airplane, add a rating, transition to a Technologically Advanced Aircraft or simply upgrade your overall qualifications, Wright Aviation has the experience, the skills, idea and the qualifications required to help you achieve those goals. We do it in a way that works for you, fits your learning style. We are located in the garden city of Bangalore, India. Many people have dream to fly but cannot afford due to cost involvement, proper guidance, or to choosing a right flight training school and we are here to solve all of your problem, our flight training schools are not only one of the most cost effective in the world but also provide world class training facility with well-maintained aircraft, with ZERO hazard or accident incident free history, and also not to mention the experienced ground staff and able instructors. Put our vast aviation experience with aircraft leasing, selling of aircraft and aircraft part, aircraft maintenance or MRO (whether it is Boeing or HS 748 or smaller aircraft like Cessna or Let 410), expertise, management, and thousands of hours of flying to work for you. Wright Aviation has experienced adviser to guide you to choose the best and cost effective flying school around the globe. We can provide you with individualized, tailored course, instruction whether it is an initial aircraft training land or sea or annual recurrent training or type rating or hour building.

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