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-Our DNA- We're an airline with friendly people and the conviction that there's always room for improvement. For us, flying is a true pleasure and we're aware that paying less doesn't mean enjoying less services or comfort. We like to define our DNA by way of the following principles: -Efficiency- Efficiency is what drives us. At Vueling, we regard efficiency as the be-all and end-all. Focusing on doing what is truly important for our customers, doing it always, doing it better and accomplishing it with less resources is our driving force. Always, better and with less. -Nonconformism- Nonconformism differentiates us. We like to think that there's always room for improvement and that we have something to achieve. And why not? It's the question that makes us fly. -Friendliness- Friendliness is our philosophy. We strive to get closer to our customers by way of products that are both affordable and suitable for them. We're convinced that nothing enhances a relationship more than an open, respectful and friendly attitude. Without obstacles, without barriers, with respect. -With our feet on the ground- It's our nature to keep our feet on the ground. Keeping our feet on the ground is as relevant to us as giving wings to our rebellious side. Being realistic from the outset is the only path we can take to be different, viable and competitive. We're realistic, because we want to go even further.

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