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Smile Aviation is a leading pilot resources agent in China. With several years great efforts, we enjoy a good reputation in flight crew leasing for airlines. We strive to further develop the industry and solve the human resources bottleneck faced by airlines. Our headquarters is located in North America, but we have bases in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Chinese airlines are our main customers. We are proud of our relationships with candidates. With our endeavors, candidates pass through the screening smoothly and adapt to the new life in China. We care about Airlines and we offer: - Matured Recruitment Suggestion and Scheme. We are experts on both CAAC regulations and International foreign pilot markets, we can create a practical scheme for airlines. - Excellent candidates to airlines. We select qualified candidates to airlines according to Airlines' requirements to save airlines' time and energy. - Efficient arrangement for screening and registration. Our finely tuned processes and industry knowledge ensures prompt registration of Pilots. - Consecutive communication and service for pilots. We assist in pilot’s family affairs and continue to provide support for the duration of their contracts to help them stay with their airline and be comfortable. We care about Candidates and we offer: - Reliable Guidance for screening and registration. We are familiar with Chinese airlines screening process and registration processes. We guide you in Simulator check, ATP theory test and Medical check. - Good communication with airlines. We know Chinese law and CAAC regulation well. To avoid misunderstanding and dispute, we can negotiate with airlines easily and set up a Smile bridge between airlines and candidates.We are your best friends when you are in need. - Accurate and on-time payroll. We are reliable and responsible to pay you on time. - Customized and Web Parts services. We provide services ranging from renting apartments, Visas for your family, school arrangements for your children and more, to help you adjust to life in China.

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