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Peregrine Aviation

Peregrine Aviation was founded by team of aviation enthusiast's with a combined experience of 35 Years to provide aviation solutions to serve the Aviation Industry’s constantly changing demands. The Company is built on strong business ethics of Trust, Value and Quality service with transparent business practices.

We like to think long term which is why you will always receive an answer from us that will make you want to think “Peregrine Aviation “for each of your future requirements. Not just because we can write emails or quote like the competition but because we will have earned your trust through our actions. We show the greatest respect towards all sensitive information you will share with us and you will receive our best advice based on our experience and innovative take on potential issues you face.


Our devoted team travels globally, building international bridges that bring together people and organizations, creating networks that allow goals, objectives and dreams to be realized. We are here to support the aviation community and we do it with enthusiasm, care and understanding. Also we are here to assist airlines and aviation professionals in forming mutually beneficial business relations in the shortest time and the most effective way possible.


Today Peregrine Aviation has a Global Network of Source Partners through which it can provide wide range of Aviation Services as required by our clients. Peregrine Aviation seeks to create a Business culture of high ethical standards and commitment to compliance services, not only within our organization, but throughout our supply chain.

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