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National Aviation Resources
Company description: The Aviation Experts

National Aviation Resources (NAR) is an airline consulting company that provides consulting services to the aviation industry ranging from airline managements, investors, and also to government and civil aviation authorities.

Our exclusive team consists of existing airline managers and engineers who work together to provide the services that equal or exceed international standards. Any project, large or small that is conferred to NAR is handled with professionalism and efficiency keeping in mind the time frame and deadlines.

We offer a wide range of customized solutions to your projects whether it is an airline startup or an airport construction. We work hard to made a difference to our clients and provide results that outshine our competitors. 

The team has worked with various startup airlines including fixed wings and helicopter operators and with civil aviation authorities to make recommendations for improvement in aviation services and safety.

Because we have years of firsthand experience in the aviation industry, our work is of high impact that garner results immediately. Our working relationship with the Civil Aviation Authorities of numerous countries in the South Asian region and our rapport with the top management of numerous airlines enable us to succeed in what we do.

Our core business expertise lies in the following:

Airline Trainings
Airline Start-Up (Feasibility studies, Business plans, Development program, Organization design)
Ground Handling for Airports and Airlines
Corporate Strategy
Network and Fleet Planning (Aircraft Sales and Leases)
Yield Management
Sales Performance Improvement
Brand & Product Development
HR Services
Airport Management
Airport Equipment

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