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Kiu System Solutions
Company description: Kiu SYSTEM SOLUTIONS offers tailor-made options for each airline, independent of size and business model by optimizing operations, commercial, administrative and financial management. The system provides scalability, flexibility and real-time information to optimize airline structure and boost profits.


A comprehensive, integrated, reliable and easy-to-use reservation system for all types of airlines.

Kiu RES, reservation and ticketing module
Kiu DCS, control departure module
Kiu GDS, reservation and sales module for agencies
Kiu WEB, internet sales module
Kiu ONLINE REPORTS, operative and statistical reports module

A Portfolio of systems integrated with each other, enhances our solution for airline industry.

Kiu ADMIN, revenue accounting system
Kiu LOYALTY, frequent flyer system
Kiu CARGO, air cargo management system
Kiu MAINTENANCE, aircraft maintenance system

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