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Helitt Lineas Aereas S.A.
Helitt Lineas Aereas S.A.
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Helitt Lineas Aereas S.A.
Helitt Lineas Aereas has integrated different business areas with complete financial autonomy. The aim is to provide a global answer to the demands generated by the increase of passengers and freight transport among different airports and regional destinations in Southern Europe and North Africa. Helitt Airlines represents the efficiency in its field, with a high quality shuttle service at really competitive prices. For flying, Helitt has chosen the ATR 72 aircraft, powered by a twin-engine turboprop Prat & Whitney PW 127 with capacity enough to seat up to 66 passengers. Seats are distributed in four seats rows, divided in groups of two by a central aisle. Flying operations will start with a three similar models fleet. ATR 72 is known to be the most profitable mean to transport passengers in short and medium

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