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Flightcrew Resources International Ltd.
Flightcrew Resources International Ltd.
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Flightcrew Resources International Ltd.
Flightcrew Resources International Limited (FRI) is established in 2008 as a flight crew leasing and human resources company with its headquarter in Hong Kong, specializing primarily in the supply of qualified crew members to airlines and aviation employment opportunities world-wide. FRI has been working in partnership with Chinese airlines to cope with current and future manpower shortages as they are growing rapidly. Since now, FRI has already recruited more than 100 pilots for Air China Group (Air China, Air China Cargo, Shenzhen Airlines) who come from all over the world including Brazil, Mexico, Korea, Slovakia, America, UK, France, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Georgia ,Canada and so on. Most of them brought their family to China and FRI also assisted them with housing arrangement, children education, health insurance, etc.

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