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Fits Cargo Private Limited
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Fits Cargo Private Limited


Friend In The Skies (FITS), FitsAir Cargo is a globally renowned chief in offline and online air cargo services based on innovation and brand credibility.

FitsAir has a vast interline Network supported by Special Prorate agreements with over 50 partner carriers. We use our own IATA designated airway bill (8D-319).

We generate 300-500 tonnes of interline traffic monthly to IATA areas 2 and 3 from multiple origins.

FitsAir is an active member of the IATA Clearing house & the Multilateral Interline traffic agreement (MITA)

FitsAir’s Master AWB is registered with customs in India (Tier 1 cities), USA and China (Shanghai & Guangzhou) and has satisfied the advanced commercial information requirements of the Canada Border Services Agency.

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