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Alpha Aviation Group is a member of Alpha Aviation Group's global network of International Aviation Training Centres. Alpha Aviation Group is a UK-based company with extensive experience in training and management within the aviation industry.


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As part of our innovative training solutions Alpha Aviation Group Philippines (AAGP) initiates airline recruitment programmes to source, assess and then train suitable individuals that will then be employed directly by the airline. AAGP is now working successfully with a number of major airlines around the world and helping to solve their long term crewing problems. At the core of our Airline Career Programme is our ab-initio pilot training programme. AAGP is one of the pioneers of the new ICAO Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL), which has been developed specifically to train ab-initio airline pilots. Following an integrated residential training programme, successful cadets will graduate with a commercial pilot licence that allows them to fly as co-pilots fully qualified on the Airbus A320. The MPL was developed by a panel of experts from 25 different ICAO member states following a review ICAO initiated back in 2001. This review determined what many aviation experts already knew; that existing ICAO licencing and training standards had not kept up with development in the aviation industry and advancement of aviation training, thereby having a detrimental effect on aviation safety and efficiency. The benefit of the MPL is that we train pilots from day one to be airline pilots; in a multi-crew airline operating environment where the training is delivered by experienced airline training personnel. We utilise the majority of the flying training instruction on the actual aircraft type that the cadets will be entering airline service on. In addition to training ab-initio pilots, AAGP also provides Airbus A320 type ratings for commercial pilots.

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