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Based in Montreal, Canada, AeroPersonnel has been in operations since December 1997. Founded by Andre Allard, a veteran of the Airline and Aerospace Industry, it specializes in all employment sectors of the Aviation and Aerospace Industry. AeroPersonnel understands well the demanding nature of the operational requirements of modern day air carriers, MRO enterprises and aerospace organizations. It is also well versed in the intricacies of international flight crew labor markets and their various market segments. Since its founding, AeroPersonnel has supplied its personnel recruitment and leasing services to a long list of worldwide customers located in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and North America. It sources candidates on a worldwide basis from all the major labor exporting regions where it maintains local representation. AeroPersonnel has offices in Brazil, Europe, China, the USA. It offers one of the best candidate support infrastructures in China. AeroPersonnel employs only personnel who possess a strong background in aviation. AeroPersonnel has developed a unique and highly sophisticated computerized recruitment management system. Automating the relationship between AeroPersonnel and its candidates and customers makes it possible to offer a highly personalized level of service to both candidates and employers. This automated recruitment system permits AeroPersonnel to efficiently and quickly manage the whole recruitment process and makes it possible to follow candidates as they progress though each step of the process in a quick and efficient way.

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