Human Factors Flight Operations

Human Factors Flight Operations

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Main duties:

  • Design, deliver and supervise all Human Factors and Crew Resource Management trainings and projects according to current legal and internal regulations in force and align these tasks with industry best practice keeping abreast of the latest research and development
  • Select, train and supervise the dedicated staff in their assigned tasks to achieve the common goal of optimum Human Factors and Crew Resource Management standards to improve safety and operational effectiveness
  • Design and monitor the course feedback system encompassing all training events within Flight Operations to improve quality of the training settings
  • Be a member in the ERAP team to provide social support
  • Design and monitor the Crew Resource Management assessment program for flight crews
  • Design, apply and evaluate instruments for selection of pilots and complimentary functions in Flight Operations
  • Design, apply and evaluate the Co-Pilot Development Scheme
  • Perform support and counseling in case of request by Flight Operations staff
  • Be a member in the Safety and Quality Actions Group for Flight Operations, Ground Operations and Maintenance

Minimum required criteria:

  • Be degree holder (Master) or equivalent in aviation or related disciplines
  • Provide a confirmed experience in an aviation environment including involvement in the Aviation Human Factors discipline
  • Have a good knowledge in Aviation Human Factors with experience in the delivery and development of Human Factors training including Crew Resource Management
  • Show strong leadership skills
  • Show strong skills in Project Management
  • Have good presentation skills
  • Show a high amount of rhetorical ability
  • Have good conflict management skills
  • Be opened to attend Human Factors related courses and symposiums in order to gain knowledge
  • Accept Duty Travel
  • Be familiar with standard office applications
  • Show excellent communication skills in English as well as skills in French or German (spoken and written)
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to interact within the team and with people at all levels
  • Be familiar with all Human Factors and Crew Resource Management related projects, training concepts, documents and equipment within the assigned area
  • Provide a confirmed experience in support and counselling of staff
  • Must provide an effort in the undeveloped language
  • Demonstrate good practice in teaching and instruction
  • Apply strict confidentiality
  • Be a team player

The ideal candidate:

  • Hold or have held a pilot licence or an experience as Cabin Crew Member
  • Knowledge of Luxemburgish or any other language is considered as an asset