Direct Entry Captain (Command Upgrade Program for current First Officers) A320 Type Rated (EASA ATPL)

Direct Entry Captain (Command Upgrade Program for current First Officers) A320 Type Rated (EASA ATPL)

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AOC: Wizz Air Hungary / Wizz Air Malta


Our unique program is designed for Airbus experienced pilots joining Wizz Air directly on a commander contract and will undergo an extensive Command Upgrade Program before released as a Captain across our network.


If you would like to join our Flight Crew team as a Airbus A320 Type Rated pilot, please, take into consideration that we can consider successfully your application as a Type Rated pilot ONLY if you have a valid IR A320. In case if you have any other type of IR please, consider Non-Type Rated pilot positions. Please, keep in mind that IR A330 only can be considered for Non-Type Rated pilot positions.


Take your career to new heights with Europe's fastest growing low-cost airline. With the expansion of Wizz Air destinations across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, pilots will be joining Wizz Air at an exciting time rich in opportunities. The rapidly growing fleet of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft is young, modern and sustainable, carrying passengers on 800 routes to almost 200 destinations in over 50 countries. This fleet is expected to triple over the next 10 years, providing career progression to ambitious and talented pilots, First Officers and Direct Entry Captains. Wizz Air is committed to the development and wellbeing of its pilots, providing competitive salaries, industry-leading training, an indefinite and secure contract, and a flexible or fixed flight rosters for improved work-life balance. Open up a world of opportunity with Wizz Air!

OUR AOCs (Air Operator Certificate)

WUK: Wizz Air United Kingdom:

  • License needed: UK CAA Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • 2 bases: London Gatwick, London Luton

WAH / WAM: Wizz Air Hungary / Wizz Air Malta:

  • License needed: EASA Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • 35 bases in 14 European countries: Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia.

WAAD: Wizz Air Abu Dhabi:

  • License needed: EASA/UK CAA/GCAA/ICAO Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • base: Abu Dhabi


Please note that if you apply to Wizz Air Hungary / Wizz Air Malta you will need EASA Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). We recruit to all our locations, you can be allocated to any of our bases


AOC can be chosen during application process, please respect the license type requirements for each AOC (otherwise your application will be automatically rejected).


  • Fixed roster patterns (6-4)
  • Advanced career progression (Safety Captains / Line Training Captain / Instructor / Management Pilot)
  • bonus added to the yearly base salary after each 1,000 hours flown with Wizz Air
  • World-class training
  • Young and modern fleet from Airbus A320 family
  • One of Europe’s fastest-growing airlines
  • One of Europe’s greenest airlines operating with the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger
  • Leading low-cost carrier
  • Financially secure company
  • Indefinite contract
  • Loss of license, travel, and life insurance provided
  • Travel benefits on Wizz Air flights


  • Online application - Once you find the most suitable position for yourself, you can submit your application on the website under the appropriate link. You can always check your application status under your account.
  • Pre-screening - Our Pilot Recruitment Team reviews your application to see if your profile matches the current development plans of our network.
  • Pilot Recruitment Assessment (2 days) - As a next step you will be invited to our face-to-face Pilot Recruitment Assessment including various types of evaluations. Further details on the event will always be shared with you prior to the assessment in order to support your preparation. Assessments take place in London, Budapest and Abu Dhabi depending on a chosen AOC.


In case you would like to join our Flight Crew team as a type-rated Airbus A320/321 Captain, please see below the requirements for applying:

  • Unrestricted right to live and work in the EU or Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia
  • Valid EASA Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)
  • Valid Class 1 Medical Certificate
  • Valid Instrument Rating (IR) on Airbus A320*
  • ICAO level 4/5/6 English proficiency
  • Minimum 3.500 factorized hours**
  • Minimum 300 hours actual flight time on on Airbus A320/A330/A340/A350/A380 (in combination) in the last 12 months***
  • Minimum 3.000 hours actual flight time AND 100 landings completed on Airbus A320/A330/A340/A350/A380 (in combination)


*The type rating must have at least 6 months validity on the date of joining, as new candidates only complete an OPC on starting

**Factorized hours: Wizz Air applies factors to pilot flying hours to determine minimum requirements for Commanders. A pilot's hours flown in each category are multiplied by the applicable factor from the below table. The sum of all groups after factorization will be used to determine whether the pilot meets the minimum required experience.

*** Ultra-light aircraft, power gliders, simulator and helicopter hours are excluded. PIC hours are pilot in command hours. This does not include PICUS hours.

Aircraft Group / PIC / Other

Wizz Air / 1 / 1

Airline Short-haul Jet / 1 / 0.8

Airline Long-haul Jet / 0.8 / 0.7

Airline Turbine (multi-crew) / 0.8 / 0.7

Military Fast Jet / 0.7 / 0.7

Non-airline multi-engine / 0.7 / 0.5

Multi-pilot helicopter / 0.5 / 0.5

Single engine/rotary single pilot / 0.3 / 0.3

Airline cruise pilot (above FL200) / 0.2 / 0.2

During the application process, you will need to have your:

  • Resume/CV prepared in DOCX, PDF, Image or Text format
  • Cover/motivational letter prepared in DOCX, PDF, Image or Text format if you wish to upload (optional)
  • Passport scanned
  • Flight Crew License scanned
  • Class1 Medical License scanned
  • Pilot Logbook prepared, so you are able to enter your previous experience
  • The recommended browser to be used during the application process is Google Chrome.

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