Technical and Engineering, Engineering general


Last updated: 7 months ago
Expires: 6 months ago
Job Role:
Technical and Engineering, Engineering general
Aircraft type:
United Arab Emirates

Job description

  • Responsibility as head of the quality system of the company against NAA, EASA and other national aviation authorities,
  • Responsibility for the preparation, revision and maintenance of the manual (MOE / MTOE according regulation (EC) 1321/2014, Part 145),
  • Development of quality procedures, monitoring of process descriptions
  • Optimization of company internal processes
  • QM supports and follows the safety and quality principle as described in MOE, Chapter 1.2
  • Editorial editing of revisions of the MOE (MTOE) and other internal technical documentation, relevant to NAA, EASA, etc.
  • Notification of events/Occurrences and non-exhaustive conditions (un-airworthiness conditions) during maintenance to the NAA, EASA, etc.,
  • Management, administration and storage of the technical personnel records of the maintenance staff defined in the MOE / MTOE,
  • Granting of Certification Authorizations pursuant to Part-145 / Part-147 and monitoring the qualifications of persons authorized to release (Certifying Staff) and instruct type training courses
  • Ensure the Quality Assurance Program for all operating units, aircraft, technical departments and facilities, taking into account the monitoring of regulatory requirements and national rules (NAA, EASA, etc.),
  • Issuing and monitoring the fulfilment of the annual internal audit plan, Part-145, Part-147
  • Planning, implementation and monitoring of quality audits
  • Managing the quality of the work performed by the personnel, analyzing the identified failures and malfunctions, developing permanent corrective action plans, to prevent failures and malfunctions


  • Several years of experience in technical and / or operational area / in a comparable position in a maintenance organization or for air operators, or experience in maintenance of aircraft, engines or equipment
  • Higher professional education (in management / personnel management), proven knowledge of internal and organizational workflows in-depth knowledge and experience to ensure compliance with the local regulations (NAA, EASA, etc.), mainly concerning regulation (EC) 1321/2014. QM has to have a sound knowledge in auditing and quality assurance as well as PART-145, Part 66 and PART 147.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and proven experience in quality management and quality assurance in aviation
  • Proof of knowledge of AC accepted by the competent authority,
  • Qualifications and experience as an Internal Aviation Auditor (or equivalent)
  • Skills and experience in planning, preparation, implementation and evaluation of educational and training measures
  • Knowledge of the general technical regulations and statutory ordinances
  • Knowledge of dealing with quality assurance procedures
  • Good knowledge of the English language in speech and writing