Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot

A320 F/O in Tunisia

Job Role:
Flight deck, First Officer / Co-Pilot
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family

Job description

Financial Conditions
* First Officer  Salary: 6 700eur on 80 hours minimum
* over time TBA
* Housing: 2 000 tunisian dinars
* days off /month 8 (with 5 consecutives days & 3 non consecutives days)
* they will get monthly a free travel ticket on our destinations (only 1 ticket for their family for all the period of contract)
* travel insurance
* health insurance under terms of our company
* Starting date : From may 2023 till october 2023 (6 months)


For all files kindly ask you to send us  required documents:

1) color copy of your passeport
2) color photo
3) copy of 03 last pages of your log book stamped  and the first page
4) your  medical  (class one),  VALID  
5) your   license VALID
6) last simulator session
7)  flight hours certificate.
8) recommandation letter
09) validation form  and crew member certificate form (here attached)   to fill on

10) no accident no incident document.


Requirements for First Officers:
* Minimum 2 500 Hours on jet  with Minimum 500 hours  on A320 (can be reduced)

* Minimum 2 000 Hours on jet  with Minimum 1000 hours  on A320 (can be reduced)
* English level 4
* Valid ICAO license
* Last flight on A320 within last months
* Class 1 Medical