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Company description: My name is Viktorija. I'm 20 years old and I'm from Vilnius, Lithuania. Now I work as ground handling agent at Vilnius International Airport. Also I study Aviation Management in Kazimiero Simonaviciaus University, I’m 2nd year student.

Thank for my job I know how to work with customers and  what they want. I can control stressful situations and I can communicate with passengers and avoid conflicts. I know a lot of about documents, IATA rules and airport codes, PRM passengers and etc. Also, I have Dangerous Goods Certificate from Lufthansa and Ground Handling Agents Trainings Certificate from AirBaltic. So I have a good basic to start my career as cabin crew.

Of course, I have a big love to aviation. This is my work and hobby. I could travel every day and anywhere but ,mostly, I like unusual places.
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