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Company description: Stratos Aviation is an aviation corporation created and operated by pilots, to support pilots in training, to educate and promote future generations of pilots. We are “Building the Pilots of Tomorrow”

Becoming a pilot or pursuing a career as a pilot is just a dream for many. There are quite a few obstacles blocking people from achieving that goal. Stratos Aviation was created to “Build the Pilots of Tomorrow” by creating a very tight knit pilots and aviation enthusiasts community. We created a program which allows anyone to experience flight either though our simulator programs or by stepping into one of our airplanes. From our Flight Academy, to our simulators to our flight services and charter operations, Stratos Aviation is your #1 diving board into the aviation industry.

Explore today our many programs, and inquire how you can become active with Stratos Aviation. From our on educational programs, to our Flight Academy, to our Women for Aviation programs, to our simulators, there is something for you at Stratos Aviation!

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