Peregrine Air Aviation India Private Limited jobs
Peregrine Air Aviation India Private Limited
Company description: Peregrine Air Aviation India Private Limited identifies safe, professional personnel for all positions, including:

Flight Engineers
Cabin Crew
Ground Mechanics - Engineers

At Peregrine Air Aviation India Private Limited, we bring to you only the most dedicated, qualified, professional flight crew members available. We ensure that any potential flight crew member we present to you passes our strict screening process FIRST.  Additionally, our flexibility allows us to custom tailor our services to specifically meet your needs.

Specialising in contract and permanent flight deck and cabin crew placements, training solutions, flight operations support and ferry & positioning flight services. We work together with airline companies worldwide, both for commercial and VIP operators.

Our interview capabilities include: simulator evaluation by type-rated airline professionals, individual profile evaluations (including knowledge base, personal attributes and experience), personal question and answer sessions, and background verification. We will help you hire qualified, professional flight crew members.
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