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Fly Baghdad Airline

With its new launch, Fly Baghdad is the first technology oriented airline in Iraq that gives all your travel requirements using technology as well as catering for the other sector of passengers who prefer the more traditional way of booking using cash and face to face dealing when getting their tickets to offer you comfort and reliability at reasonable prices, and that represents our Slogan (Low Price … More Flights), After the complete dissolution of the old board in full, and the establishment of a new board of directors with a new operational plan targeting the passenger benefit first.

The new management started the idea of applying this principle in a new administrative cadres early 2017, When Fly Baghdad began its official career on the 14th of February 2017, the re-launch was wonderful and received the admiration of many people, And because of the requirements of the market, the new management decided to rebuild the company again And promote them to provide better services at suitable prices.

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