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Recruitment experienced Pilots

Currently recruiting following position in CHN/OSA/BKK

-A320 Captains benefit up to 309,600USD yearly, base CHN/OSA/BKK optional

-B737NG Captains benefit up to 324,000USD yearly, base Beijing/ Xiamen

-B747/757/767/777/787,ERJ170/190, CL65 Captains benefit up to 245,000USD yearly, base Shenzhen

For 3 years contract (extendable), community and non-community contract both available, terms and condition attractive. Base optional CHN/OSA/BKK.

If you are interested in any position above, pls feel free to contact us at

to discuss this great opportunity.

The service we provided as below.

• Overseas services support, such as overseas communications, Bureau letters, visa etc.

• Foreign staff management consulting, such as intercultural communication, job satisfaction survey, enhancing the sense of belonging of foreign employees, maintaining the stability of staff and so on.

• Foreigners living support, such as life guidance, life translation, traffic support, financial information support, foreign pilot member club and so on.

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