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Cairway Ltd.
Company description: Unique in the aviation industry. Check out for example our upgrade programs for First Officers. We do not promise that you will upgrade in a couple of years, we upgrade you first and you will start as a Captain in the new company. Same goes for Captains willing to do the next step e.g. as a TRI, TRE, et cetera.

Individual Consultancy

Based on the evaluation of your current position and situation, we select the best options for you to develop an individual career path. It is important to us finding the right opportunity for your personal situation and needs. It is important for us to place you in the right position for mutual satisfaction. We believe, that individual consultancy, information and care are the keys to success for both parties.

Local Support

A dedicated consultant is there for you when it comes to housing, schooling, doctors, kindergarten et cetera. We are there to organize everything that are important details to support your professional growth. We truly understand how important a social life is and support you with organizing things apart from your job.

Experienced Staff

We cover all areas from human resources to regulatory aspects and are experts in what we do.
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