Company description: Fly4Freedom with Bernoulli 

Bernoulli strives to be the best agency in the market. Being the best sometimes implies more dedication and less return. We accept that. Our work ethic is very clear and we want you to know we believe that only by being professional and honest with our colleagues, we will be able to be the most sought after agency in the pilot community.

We consider that we have a remarkable strength, we are pilots and we also fly in the markets we work as an agency. This expertise makes us very reliable in the information we provide to our colleagues and also very picky choosing airlines that will behave properly and respectfully with us as pilots. 

We try to provide good and useful feedback about the companies and possible bases so the pilot can choose the airline that best suits his/her expected needs. 

We also provide customised materials to help better prepare for the screening and on-boarding processes with our partner airlines.  Our Fly4Freedom books - “China Pilot Screening” and a more generic life experience book “How I became an expat pilot in China” - will help you better understand what to expect with this career move,  while our core training documents - Interview and Simulator Briefings, CAAC ATPL preparation package, etc. - will provide you with the knowledge and confidence required to ensure a successful outcome, 

We do not work by volume of applications, we work on a personal basis as we see colleagues and their families. Each pilot is a personal project for us and we provide specific solutions tailored to his/her needs.

All these ingredients have made us the most successful and reliable contract agency in China by far. We achieve successful pass rates over 85% and we aim to increase it in the  near future.  

Top this up with relocation services, local personalised support, access to Swiss private banking accounts and premium insurance products at discounted rates.

“At first they’ll ask you why you’re doing it. Later they’ll ask you how you did it” Fly4Freedom with Bernoulli.
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