Director Flight Operations Support

Director Flight Operations Support

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Engineering general
more than 10 years of experience

Areas of operation

Saudi Arabia

a) B.Sc. (or equivalent) Degree in Aircraft Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or
another engineering discipline from a reputed university with a minimum of 10
years of practical experience in Flight Operations Engineering and Performance
b) Management qualifications and experience are a must.
c) Capable of managing Flight Operations Technical Publication, Crew Affairs and
Operations System in the most effective way.
d) To the extent of his responsibilities, have a full understanding of OM-D, aviation
safety standards and safe operating practices, GACA regulations, and Company
Operations Specifications.
a) The Director of Flight Operations Support derives his authority from the VPFO 121.
b) He has the authority to establish and modify policies, procedures, and processes
relating to the Flight Operations Support department.
c) Monitoring the planning and directing of the work of a group or individuals,
monitoring their work, and taking corrective action when necessary in the interest
of the smooth and safe operation of the airline. 
Duties & Responsibilities
a) Ensuring clarity around priorities and goals for the entire functional area.
b) Approving requests for a certain level of authority.
c) Managing overall budgeting for his function.
d) Approving hiring and firing requests within his responsibilities.
e) Guiding the Flight Operations Engineering and Technical Publications team in
development processes.
f) Provide the guideline for the newly developed systems that helps the Flight
Operations Management to run the operations in the most effective way.
g) Working across functions with peers in other groups to ensure collaboration for
shared goals.
h) Working with the Flight Operation Management Team and other peers for strategy
development and execution planning.
i) In conjunction with VP Flight Operations, develop and execute Crew Affairs
strategies in order to attain the goals of the company.
j) Develop department Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ensure achieving
the goals.
k) Analyze the problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions when
l) Communicate and maintain trust relationships with other departments and the
m) Ensure the policies are communicated in the company and followed at all times.

Years of experience

  • more than 10 years of experience

Required languages

  • English