B787 Captain opportunities – 11 days off per month

B787 Captain opportunities – 11 days off per month

PublishedPublished: Published 3 weeks ago
ExpiresExpires: Expiring in 1 month
Captain / Commander

SG Aviation Services on behalf of our Asian client we are pleased to announce limited openings for B787 Captains. 

Our client is offering: 

  • Attractive salary 
  • Renewable long-term contracts
  • Commuting travel benefits within the network (with possibility to Business Class)
  • 11 days off per month plus additional 3 designated travel days 
  • Travel benefits for family 

B787 Captains with a valid type rating can apply if they meet the following: 

  • 1000 PIC hrs on B787*
  • 2500 PIC hrs on multi crew jets
  • 7000 hrs total flying time 
  • Date of last flight as PIC within 12 months (or 24 months if current on other multi crew jets) 

(*) FO hours on type may be converted to PIC hours at a ratio of 2 to 1, up to a maximum of 500 hours (e.g., 1000 FO hours = 500 PIC hours).