AW139 Instructor Pilot

AW139 Instructor Pilot

locationUnited Arab Emirates
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More than £200,000 per year

Areas of operation

United Arab Emirates

AW139 Instructor Pilot

United Arab Emirates / Excellent package


A PAC VIP Instructor pilot conducts short notice VIP support missions in fluid and evolving operational environments. PAC VIP Instructor pilots operate both domestically and in foreign countries. Missions include operations such as NVG flight, deck landings to yachts and military ships, and complex multi-aircraft operations with dissimilar airframes or aircraft operated by commercial companies. VIP Pilots conduct single pilot unaided night or NVG operations to unimproved landing sites in both urban and remote environments.

Experience required:

  • Minimum 4,000 total flight hours, of which at least 1,500 is rotary wing (RW) flight time.
  • 200 flight hours night; 100 flight hours actual or simulated instrument; 1000 flight hours as a RW PIC; 500 hours multi-pilot (MP) operations.
  • Previous NVG qualification preferred. 
  • Must possess knowledge of ICAO regulations.
  • AW139 or H145 type rating from an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training facility or an Approved Training Organization (ATO). Other combinations of experience and education that meet these requirements may be substituted.
  • No Longer than 3 years since last helicopter flight. (More than three years requires an assessment by an authorized ATO or the PAC Standardization Department.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Perform as Pilot-In-Command and/or Instructor Pilot on PAC Aircraft, accomplishing scheduled and unscheduled flights as well as post maintenance flights, acceptance flights, and support missions as prescribed by the customer.
  • Conduct advanced planning, aircraft launch and mission execution, inside Abu Dhabi city within a one-hour alert notification cycle.
  • Conduct mission analysis, risk management/mitigation and accept or reject mission changes while actively flying.
  • Deploy single pilot or as lead for multi-ship elements to foreign countries to conduct Day/Night/NVG/IFR VIP operations.
  • Within the UAE or deployed, conduct single pilot operations through complex airspace, to unimproved landing area while providing instruction to non-qualified pilots.
  • Brief crew members and non-crew members on safety, emergency procedures, and scope of mission. Pilot aircraft and command crew to accomplish assigned mission.
  •  Must be able to work flexible hours as deemed by the Aviation Senior Advisor or PAC Deputy Director.

The package includes:

  • Accommodation allowances - included in the monthly salary that is offered.
  • Life insurance is included.
  • End of service benefit - employees will be paid an additional 1-month salary for every consecutive year that they are employed.
  • Full relocation assistance - via National & International Moving Company.
  • Employer will also pay 40000 AED towards shipping out personal possessions/furniture etc, relocation will include tours of the city, and offer full orientation in the new place of living, making the transition as smooth and hassle free as possible, they will help with schools, shopping, entertainment, the whole in country experience.
  • Unemployment insurance - paid for six months should you find yourself out of work.
  • Investments - 5% salary sacrifice is invested into government projects, such as construction, which is booming in Abu Dhabi right now, investment generates income,  this is optional.
  • Generous annual leave entitlement, including on return business class flight per year for a family (children under 18 years old)

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school graduate, BA or BS preferred.
  • Airline Transport Pilot Helicopter ATPL(H) with Instrument Rating.
  • Flight instructor license, military instructor pilot course or equivalent. (Certified Flight Instructor [CFI], Qualified Helicopter Instructor (QHI) Type Rating Instructor [TRI], Line Training Captain [LTC], Check Airman [CA] Unit Trainer [UT])
  • Must have valid passport.
  • Must be able to pass a background security check.
  • Must have a current Class 1 flight physical, or ability to obtain a Class I flight physical, and pass a UAE military flight physical.
  • Must pass a hands-on flight evaluation.

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Salary range

  • More than £200,000 per year

Required languages

  • English