AIT Lead Engineer

companyGuidant Global (Agency)
locationUnited Kingdom
PublishedPublished: Published 1 week ago
Engineering general

Role Overview

  • To promote and drive AIT standards ensuring engineering concepts are delivered to the shop floor in a controlled manner.
  • Ensure quality and process robustness through promotion of best practise within team and between disciplines.
  • Leading the AIT mechanical team to the success of the mission.


  • Responsible for the Mechanical Satellite element and lead the mechanical team on an ENS project through Phases 'A', 'B', 'C/D' and 'E'
  • Leading a team of AIT engineers on the specific project
  • Planning the mechanical team's activities on a weekly basis (including operations team) and implementing this plan.
  • Supporting the use of 3Dx Delmia on the specific project
  • Produce specs from test requirements, write test plans, DDV, plans, AIT plans, test procedures and test reports.
  • Control of all project MGSE, flight & support equipment
  • Produce MGSE requirement specs from test requirements, operating and maintaining MGSE.
  • Alignment - producing test procedures and operating and maintaining optical alignment equipment.
  • Designing test equipment, overseeing its manufacture, and commissioning
  • Mechanical handling or spacecraft, instruments, payloads, solar arrays, antennas etc
  • Prepare and carry out environmental tests (Vibration, Acoustic, Mass properties, Thermal) at unit, subsystem, instrument, and spacecraft level.
  • Install and validate test instrumentation.
  • Support propulsion testing
  • Handling and installation of thermal hardware
  • Mechanical integration and testing of electronic units, subsystems and instruments, mechanisms, antennas, solar arrays, mechanical sub-systems, instruments, payloads and spacecraft and control the documentation associated with performing these tasks.
  • Pyrotechnic handling, installation, and safety
  • Plan and control workload of the AIT team consisting of engineers and technicians.
  • Be able to travel overseas to work for short periods (typically 2-3months, could be 6-7 months on occasions)
  • Be able to integrate quickly and easily into an AIT team.
  • Highly motivated and possess good problem-solving skills.

Skill Set


  • Relevant engineering experience.
  • Appreciation of satellite integration processes and project phases
  • Use of SAP or other ERP System
  • Understanding of build documentation and the need for it
  • Driving build quality through review of processes and implementation of improvements
  • Managing a team during day-to-day activities ensuring work is completed on time and the correct standard
  • Controlling and delivery of projects to budget and schedule
  • Face-to-face dealings with customers and suppliers
  • Worked in volatile, high pressure environments to resolve technical and personnel conflicts
  • Spacecraft Mechanical testing on prime projects is essential
  • Leading other team members
  • Production of MGSE specs and operation of MGSE and flight HW
  • Production of high quality documentation (test specs, test plans, test procedures, AIT Plans, DDV plans)


  • Producing test procedures and operating and maintaining optical alignment equipment
  • Launch campaign experience
Space, Aerospace, AIT/ Manufacturing environment