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Airlines go high tech: personal layouts of air travel in Asia
Published: 2018-11-28

Almost every sector of global commerce is acquiring a more personalized focus and aviation industry is no exception. Gaining data about existing customer preferences to offer more tailor-made options is one of the top items on commercial aviation agenda now. Here, Asian aviation market is actively exploring the opportunities offered by personalization. 

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Airport you don’t want to leave: Changi adds Aviation Industry Award to its list
Published: 2018-11-06

Even rushing passengers do not mind getting lost, if it is among petal clouds, dancing raindrops, flower gardens... Or, generally speaking − in Singapore Changi Airport. Known as a destination in its own right, Changi is recognized in Aviation Industry Awards 2018 as the No.1 airport in the world, and here is why:

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How to manage booming capacity – Asian aviation case
Published: 2018-10-29

Asia is one of the most important aviation markets as it undoubtedly ascending. The number of air passengers in Asia keeps continuously growing, concurrently driving global air traffic. Aggregate factors, implicating fast economic development, liberalization of the market, growing middle class and bigger salaries – all largely contribute to the significant growth of air traffic in the region, making it highly compelling. The expansion of low cost market in the region also attributes to industry development.

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The dark side of aviation growth to be tackled in Asia and Europe
Published: 2018-10-22

Despite a generally healthy condition of global aviation industry and its stable growth during last decade, challenging issues like growing fuel prices, raising competition among airlines and shrinking profit margins lie on the other side of the shield. To examine specifics of changing aviation markets AIR Convention is launching two events in 2019, seizing Asia and Europe, with high hopes to tackle hot-button topics of the industry.

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Norwegian named Low-Cost Airline of the year at Annual Aviation Industry Awards 2018
Published: 2018-10-10

Norwegian, the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe, has been named the Low-Cost Carrier of the year at the Annual Aviation Industry Awards, VIP initiative of AIR Convention Aviation Forum, which took place on September 26th, 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

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Pilot Career Show Brussels: complex initiative to meet ever-greater demand for pilots
Published: 2018-08-20

The issue of global pilot shortage is starting to aggravate the aviation industry. Pilot strikes calling for improved working conditions is its latest representation. The core problems of the issue touch upon many related fields, particularly regarding pilot training, given that the number of graduate students is not able to meet the yearly demand in every region equally, including in Europe. 

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Five Ways Airlines of North America are Dealing with Empty Cockpits
Published: 2018-07-23

The looming dearth of pilots threatening global aviation is no news, however, the ratio it affects airlines differs from region to region, and so do subsequent measures taken to curb the shortage. Lack of pilots in North America is currently having the most negative impact on smaller regional airlines and Air Force. The scope of the problem is about to get enormous, though: North America takes the third position in the list of regions where the magnitude of the problem is the highest, trailing behind only Europe and Asia-Pacific. 

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Square up to the biggest aviation challenges: best initiatives of 2018
Published: 2018-07-03

Despite a steady growth in passenger and cargo numbers ever since 2010, aviation industry is bracing for potential turmoil ahead. Geopolitical instability, increasing fuel costs, uneven distribution of profits within the sector, thin net profit margins and pilot shortage - all threaten to shake up the industry. The upcoming Annual Aviation Industry Awards aim to recognize companies and initiatives taking up upon themselves to safeguard against the possible threats, awarding the best aviation players within ten categories. 

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AIR Convention bringing aviation industry giants to the Center of Europe
Published: 2018-06-21

When looking to discover new ideas, networking or just landing a big business deal, industry conferences seem like the best bet, especially in aviation, where most deals are done face-to-face. That’s where AIR Convention 2018 comes in. The international Aviation Industry Review conference, exhibition and awards, taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 26-27th 2018, is specifically designed to optimize networking opportunities over the two days span.

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