all-inclusive pilot career program

three quick steps to your desirable contract

Start A320 or B737
Type Rating
Gain 500 hours
Get First Officer
Type Rating + Hour Building program is dedicated to low hour pilots who recently got their CPL license and need professional guidance through the start of a pilot career. Throughout recent years team assisted lots of young pilots upgrading their competence in aviation – now it’s time for you.
During All-Inclusive Pilot Career Program you will get not only Type Rating but also well-organized Base Training. As a result, you will be able to join Hour Building program which includes benefits such as 500 hours on Type and a great possibility to be employed as First Officer with the established European airlines.
Time saving - our team makes the process more efficient.
Economical package - three programs in one.
You can rely on us - we hold 6 years experience in the
aviation market.


EASA License
Valid Class 1
Medical Certificate
English level 4 according
to ICAO requirements


How does this program work?
Apply for a program
Go to to check out the most suitable program for you. Register and apply with your basic information + resume.
Wait for confirmation
If you meet requirements our team will contact you and provide all the needed information about the program. After that, you will sign a contract and start Type Rating.
Type Rating + Base Training
With skills-oriented training from day one, you will finish Type Rating + Base Training Program in 2-4 months.
Enroll Hour Building
After graduating Type Rating, you will be invited for Hour Building screening. It will lead you to the beginning of the program coordinated by our partners. The whole Hour Building program takes from 8 to 12 months.
Get Hired
When you get 500 hours on Type, you will receive a First Officer job, where you can earn up to 45 000 Eur annually.
Hour Building screening:
1 Part. ATPL knowledge test.
2 Part. Oral test.
3 Part. Simcheck. professional team will assist you through the screening process and provide you with additional information and consultation.

success stories

Thanks to and the people that are part of it, I had the chance to realize my dream in becoming an airline pilot. I'm happy to have chosen the right organization for my needs!
Federico Ghirimoldi
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