What is a ferry flight?

Ferry Flights stands for the flights which usually do not generate profits for the airlines and are more tend to have other objectives.

Most often ferry flight pilots have to transport the aircraft from the manufacturer or MRO center to the home base. This type of flights is also very typical for charter airlines which change home bases often.


Why is it worth being a ferry pilot?


An easy way to build flight time

Ferry flight pilots usually are not required to have as many hours as full-time commercial airlines pilots, therefore, it’s a great opportunity for low hour pilots to collect the experience they lack.

An easy way to earn money

Ferry flight pilots are usually paid per day and all of their expenses during the travel period are covered thus quite a decent amount of money can be earned in only a couple of days.


A great opportunity to travel

Flights are often domestic, though from time to time aircraft need to be transported overseas and since it is most often a one-way flight and a pilot has no other obligations he is free to explore the places.

No strings attached

To ferry an aircraft might be only one time job, therefore no long-term commitments with an airline are needed.


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