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Reviewed by Marjorie Pazo on 2017-10-15
Very Easy to use
Interview for VIP Flight Attendant
Reviewed by Stamatia Metaxa on 2017-10-09
I was honoured to have a 30' Skype meeting with one of the Company's reqruiters, mrs Filiz Afsar. It was a pleasant conversation that started with an introduction to break the ice. What followed later were further details about the position. The reqruitment process was pleasant, as it reminded of a respectful discussion by both members. Mrs Afsar was polite, happy, and willing to explain to me all information about the position in the best possible way. This made me feel relaxed, confident and ready to do the next step if i am given the chance. I feel thankful to mrs Afsar that see created a friendly atmosphere, which gave me the chance to enjoy the interview stage and be talkative and open. Best wishes to the agency!
cabin crew
Reviewed by Evien Balantoc on 2017-09-30
Reviewed by on 2017-09-28
Cabin Crew
Reviewed by on 2017-09-27