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Recruiter description: WARNING


The account BLACKBIRD AIR on has bee used for fraudulent business.

Any job postings were made without the knowledge of BLACKBIRD AIR, by persons with bad intention and without any connections to BLACKBIRD AIR.

If you are or have been contacted by “Camille Schnadt” (not a BLACKBIRD AIR representative) and seemingly from a mail address “” (not an active or actual account) with reply to “” please delete the mail, and do not trust what is being sent to you. We have seen examples of personal contracts asking perspectives to pay up front for a false training course in Madrid.

This is sent by persons with bad intentions who are trying to scam people, and is fraud!

If you have already transferred money, you should immediately contact your bank and tell them to cancel the transfer and retract the money.


On behalf of BLACKBIRD AIR we want to apologize for any making any hopes of a job position though AviationCV.
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