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Important! This job ad is no longer active
Job Role:
Maintenance Repair Operations, Other
United States
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Job description

The Apprentice Aircraft Painter is an entry and first working level for an aircraft painter. Incumbents at this level work under the instruction of a Journey Painter and the direction of a Lead Technician to operate an environmental paint booth.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Assess aircraft paint finish and corrosion protection requirements
  • Strip, treat, and paint aircraft and aircraft parts and components
  • Maintain an environmentally compliant paint booth
  • Paint storage facilities
  • Hazmat control of cleaning product, paint waste, and residue
  • Have in-depth knowledge of aircraft corrosion protection and paint systems for the entire paint process, including alodine, wash primer, intermediate primer, and top coat color
  • Perform other qualified duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Aircraft paint booth operation, safety, and hazardous material purchasing, storage, use and disposal
  • Aircraft corrosion prevention, protection and application of chemicals to control and stop corrosion
  • Aircraft paint refinishing systems and the processes involved to prepare and treat aircraft for painting
  • The application of primers and top coat colors
  • The maintenance of paint equipment and personal safety equipment
  • Inspect aircraft and components and assess paint requirements
  • Strip, treat, and prepare aircraft components for paint refinishing
  • Apply primers and top coat paints without runs, orange peel, or dust and debris in the paint
  • Maintain a clean and safe working area and comply with all hazmat requirements for the use of paint material

Experience & Education

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • One (1) or more years of paint refinishing and corrosion control experience working full time as a transportation-related equipment painter is preferred
  • A valid class California C driver’s license

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

  • Must be able to perform job duties as required while wearing full face respirator.


  • None