Pilot, First Officer / Co-Pilot

Mi-17 (Mi-8) Co-pilot

Last updated: 6 months ago
Expires: 1 month from now
Job Role:
Pilot, First Officer / Co-Pilot
Aircraft type:
Helicopter MIL
Africa, Congo, Mali, Somalia, Sudan

Job description



Flight experience: 

  • total amount of flight hours – more than 750, 
  • flight hours on Мі-8МТV – more than 200,
  • flight hours as PIC on any aircraft type – above 200;
  • night hours - 50;
  • instrument hours - 30.

level of English proficiency: IELTS – 5.5 and higher, ICAO – 4.0;

active ICAO CPL (h) IR.


Company offers: 

  • work with the UN missions in the African countries;
  • opportunity to upgrade proficiency level;
  • opportunity to improve English;
  • medical insurance for the period of duties performance
  • training for NVG and SAR operations