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Important! This job ad is no longer active
Job Role:
Pilot, First Officer / Co-Pilot
Monthly salary from:
6900 €
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family
Job description

Contract terms

• Estimated average salary 7.650 USD (80fh)

• Minimum salary 6900 USD (70 fh guaranteed)

• Overtime 75 USD (over 70 Fh monthly)


Amazing benefits, unique in the market!

• Ho Chi Minh City
• Hanoi

Working patterns :

• Commuting roster patterns 6/2
• Other patterns will be available after one year of operation.

Extra Benefits :

• Market leading medical insurance with No Excess extendable to family members
• Cashless medical treatment at dedicated clinics in Vietnam with no medical history required
• Superior 24/7 pilot support for you and your family on the ground. – Dedicated 24/7 support team – Full relocation support (housing, school, banking, life style, etc.) – Jetwork card program with exclusive benefits
• Sick Leave – Statutory and contractual sick leave provided.
• Accommodation – At layover stations, the accommodation is provided.
• Ground Transportation – At layover stations, the ground transportation is provided.
• FOC tickets for rotational travel on the Bamboo network for you and ID travel for your family
• Free standard room at FLC Hotels and Resorts
• Free Golf service at any FLC Golf Club
• Upgrade & transition opportunities during assignment!


• 1500 Total Flight Hours • 500 hours on A320

• Last PIC flight on A320 within the last 12 months at date of start of assignment


• Current class 1 medical

• Valid A320 OPC

• Under 56 years of age

If candidates do not have the flight time requirements listed above they shall be compensate at a rate of 75% of the standard figures until they reaches 1,500 hours total time including 500 hours A-320 SIC time respectively