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Important! This job ad is no longer active
Job Role:
Maintenance Repair Operations, Aeronautical Engineer
United Arab Emirates
Aircraft type:
Job description

As a B1 Certifying Staff you shall responsible to the Director of Maintenance for the following duties:

1)The satisfactory completion and certification of all work required by FujAA a/c in accordance with the work specification.

2)Ensuring that the organizations’ procedures and standards are complied with when carrying out maintenance.

3)Responding to quality deficiencies in the area of activity for which he is responsible, which arise from independent quality audits. He will also respond to the Quality Manager in relation to the corrective action required resulting from Quality audits.

4)He should ensure that Company Engineering Procedures are produced and these will achieve the required objectives.

5)The cleanliness of the facility and standards of the storage and disposal of hazardous wastes, this includes the proper storage of aircraft parts, tooling, equipment and other materials while in use.

6)Reporting directly to the Director Maintenance, he will be responsible for the control of shift and day supervisors and their adherence to Company procedures, Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Policies.

7)For the purpose of enhanced communication, he will be required to conduct a shift handover, to include day shift as appropriate. This formal, recorded process will ensure common information is delivered and change communicated.

8)He will ensure that the issue of CRS certification for Maintenance, Repairs and Modifications carried out under his supervision will only be issued when work isperformed in accordance with approved data.

9)He Should discover any conditions which he considers that would significantly jeopardize personal Safety or Continued Airworthiness; he shall without delay report the occurrence to a member of the Director Maintenance and to the Safety & QA Department.

10)The responsibility for the use of correct tooling and safety equipment specified in the manufacturers’ instructions are included in the role of Supervisor as is the maintenance of clean and tidy working conditions.

11)Ensuring availability of suitable tools, equipment and the updated airworthiness data required for the planned works.

12)He is responsible to rectify of any aircraft technical defects or scheduled maintenance which could prevent or delay the aircraft being available for service.

13)He is responsible for debriefing crews on any incoming defects and advising the chief pilot as required of aircraft status, addressing any issues raised by him during normal working hours. This activity is performed at other Line Locations, and outside normal working hours, by the engineer on duty.

14)He is responsible for assisting with aircraft engineering issues and support away from base/down route, with regard to the provision of aircraft recovery or establishing approved sources of engineering support at the place where the aircraft has been grounded as the result of a defect.

15)He will also ensure that matters requiring airframe and powerplant certification are in accordance with current Regulatory Requirements and company authorisation.

16)He will ensure that the support staff under his control will conduct all maintenance inspections in accordance with MOE & TPM and current customized maintenance programme.

17)He will advise the management of the requirement where new equipment is needed for testing aircraft systems in line with the organization’s scope of approval, capability and current airworthiness.

18)He is responsible to carry out maintenance inspection schedule & unscheduled, out of phase, defect rectification, troubleshooting, AD’s & SB’s and any futher requirements by manufacture and our authority (GCAA).

19)Coordinate work with that of engineers, technicians, and other aircraft maintenance personnel. Set up and operate ground support and test equipment to perform functional flight tests of aircraft and engines systems.