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Important! This job ad is no longer active

Guangxi Beibu Gulf Air A320/E170/175/190/195 Captain

Last updated: 2018-10-23
Valid to: 2018-12-31
Job Role:
Pilot, Captain / Commander
Monthly salary from:
20000 €
Not specified
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family, Embraer, Embraer ERJ170 - 190
Job description

GX Beibu Gulf Air

Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines Co., LTD based in Nanning Wuxu International Airport, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is jointly invested by Tianjin Airline and Beibu Gulf Investment Group. As the brand new subsidiary of HNA Group, Guangxi BeibuGulf Air has grown up rapidly and started their foreign pilots recruitment recently. With the great support of HNA Group and local government, Gulf Air is planning on introducing 10 airplanes each year.

Working pattern:

Pattern 1:

Residence with 46 days annual leave:

A320:329,004 USD/1st y; 335,004 USD/2nd y; 340,004 USD/3rd&4th y

E190:273,996 USD/1st y; 279,996 USD/2nd y; 284,996 USD/3rd y&4th y

Residence with 90 days annual leave:

A320:312,000 USD/1st y; 324,000 USD/2nd y; 329,000 USD/3rd &4th y

E190:267,996 USD/1st y; 273,996 USD/2nd y; 278,996 USD/3rd y&4th y

Residence with 110 days annual leave:

A320:294,000 USD/1st y; 300,000 USD/2nd y; 305,000 USD/3rd &4th y

E190:252,000 USD/1st y; 258,000 USD/2nd y; 263,000 USD/3rd y&4th y

Residence with 130 days annual leave:

A320:274,800 USD/1st y; 280,800 USD/2nd y; 285,800 USD/3rd &4th y

E190:235,992 USD/1st y; 241,992 USD/2nd y; 246,992 USD/3rd y&4th y

Pattern 2:

4 weeks on 4 weeks off/2 weeks on 2 weeks off:

A320:222,000 USD/1st y; 228,000 USD/2nd y; 233,000 USD/3rd &4th y

E190:204,000 USD/1st y; 210,000 USD/2nd y; 215,000 USD/3rd y&4th y

Pattern 3:

6 weeks on 3 weeks off:

A320:282,000 USD/1st y; 288,000 USD/2nd y; 293,000 USD/3rd &4th y

E190:242,400 USD/1st y; 248,400 USD/2nd y 253,400 USD/3rd y&4th y

6 weeks on 2 weeks off:

A320:306,804 USD/1st y; 312,804 USD/2nd y; 317,804 USD/3rd &4th y

E190:267,204 USD/1st y; 273,204 USD/2nd y; 278,204 USD/3rd y&4th y

  1. Aircraft Type: ERJ190/195/170/175/A320.
  2. Age Limit: 52 years old.
  3. Flight Experience: 600 PIC hours on current type.
  4. License and medical: current and valid ATPL & Class 1 Medical certificate by ICAO member state, ICAO level 4 or above.
  5. No Criminal records.

The application for Guangxi Beibu Gulf Air requires the submission of the following documents (scanned copies):

  1. Application form (Please download the form by clicking the button below.)
  2. Passport
  3. Class 1 Medical Certificate
  4. ATPL
  5. Last 3 pages of logbook with both sides
  6. Last Proficiency Check Record


  1. Application form shall be saved as Word/Excel format.
  2. On the bottom of the application form, you shall sign in handwriting, then print out that page and send us the scan copy.