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Important! This job ad is no longer active

ATR72-500 Captain-TRI-LTC-DE earn USD 141,000 NET plus Instructor Allowances - TJ

Last updated: 2019-11-18
Valid to: 2019-11-15
Job Role:
Pilot, Captain / Commander
Annual salary from:
124263 €
Aircraft type:
Job description

Paramount is pleased to recruit for current and qualified ATR 72-600/500 Captains for TruJet in India.

Position location is in Hyderabad, India.

Paramount is recruiting to fill positions on the ATR 72 for THIS YEAR. This is an excellent opportunity with a pay and benefits package totaling a monthly salary of USD $11,750 for Captains, $12,750 for TRIs, $13,750 for TREs PLUS Overtime!!

  • Paramount employs local personnel on the ground in India in order to support our pilots!
  • Paramount employs recruiters who have either actually flown lived or worked in India.
  • Paramount is committed to provide our pilots and their families excellent support from the application process all way through the time that they are flying the line at our client airline. You are more than just a number to us!


  • Commuting Contract.
  • USD $141,000 per Year + Overtime + TRI/TRE Allowances! (NET OF TAXES)
  • Housing Allowance.
  • Fast Interview Process.
  • Overtime Payment.
  • Travel Benefits.
  • Company Provided Medical for Pilot and Family
  • Optional Global Medical / Dental Health Insurance (Individual/Family).
  • Optional Loss of License Insurance.


  • 2,000 hours Total Time
  • 1,000 hours PIC
  • 100 hours PIC on ATR 72-500
  • Age of 62 at time of joining
  • Valid ICAO License with valid ATR 72-500 Type Rating
  • Last Flight on ATR 72-500 in last 90 days
  • 3 Takeoffs and Landings on ATR 72-500 (Aircraft or Simulator) in last 90 days
  • Current Instrument Rating (IR) and Line Route (LR) Checks
  • ICAO English Level 4 or higher
  • No History of Accidents / Incidents
  • No Criminal Record
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate