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Important! This job ad is no longer active
Job Role:
Maintenance Repair Operations, Aeronautical Engineer
Job description

a. Directs Engineers and Mechanics and participates in the testing, overhaul, maintenance, modification and repair of aircraft parts and components in the workshops. Ensures that work is carried out in accordance with maintenance schedules and approved quality standards. Issues technical clearance for work carries out by assigned Engineers and Mechanics.

b. Determines nature of work to be carried out and establishes priorities. Allocates work to subordinates according to their field of specialization. Completes work sheets as required.

c. Reports and passes to supervisor aircraft components.parts etc. which require further repair/modifications in other workshops. Includes preparing necessary worksheets containing details of work to be done.

d. Assists supervisor with the scheduling of routine maintenance for workshop equipment. Includes caarying out regular checks of workshop and testing equipment and making reports as necessary.

e. Liaises with other Engineers in the workshops for resolution of mechanica queries. Gives advise and guidance to subordinates on mechanical problems, methods, etc.

f. Ensures that materials, tools, supplies, safety equipment, protective clothing, etc. are available for work to be carried out. Requisitions/orders such items as necessary.

g. Operates equpiment and uses tools, for example when highly specialized skills are required or when demonstratinf techniques to subordinates or in a case of unusual workload when qualified are not available.

h. Carries out similar or related duties such as updating workshop manuals, maintaining updated life expectancies of repaired compenents, ensuring high standards of housekeeping in the workshop areas under his control, maintaining esential records and recommending special and equipment, as necessary.


a. Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer license with completion of full course in an approved aeronautical engineering institute or Bachelor of Engineering in the relevant field.

b. Holder of approvals in the specified trade.

c. 6 years civil aircraft maintenance experience in the relevant trade.

d. Good knowledge of English