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Airline Multi Turboprop First Officer Experience in the USA - Any Nationality

Last updated: 2019-02-14
Valid to: 2019-04-30
Job Role:
Pilot, Cadet Pilot
United States
Aircraft type:
Fokker / Fairchild
Job description

Due to the high number of Frozen ATPL and CPL pilots looking for employment worldwide, airlines and executive companies are giving strong priority to pilots with some airline multi turbine First Officer experience.

Eagle Jet International is now giving self sponsored pilots access to the same airline multi turbine First Officer program based in the USA for a fee and taking place with large scheduled airlines as the one a SkyTeam Alliance major airline has been sending its selected cadets to upon completion of their Frozen ATPL or CPL training in the past 9 years.

Once qualified as a multi turboprop First Officer by our long time partner airline after 4 to 6 weeks of initial training, pilots are able to complete 100 hours as a multi turbine First Officer during scheduled cargo operations in the USA. During this 100 hour phase, pilots are encouraged to apply for employment with various other airlines and executive companies worldwide. In case pilots have not secured employment upon completion of this 100 hour phase, pilots have the option to extend their airline First Officer program by 100 hour blocks at a time for a small additional fee.

Pilots can select either the multi turboprop Beech 1900 or Metroliner III with an MTOW over 12,500 pounds or the multi turboprop Beech 99 aircraft which is part of the Beechcraft turboprop family including the King Air.

  • Any Nationality
  • FAA Commercial Pilot License with Instrument & Multiengine Ratings
  • FAA First Class Medical
  • English Proficient endorsed on FAA License
  • No Flight Time Requirements
  • No Age Requirements
  • Training Fee

FOR PILOTS NOT HOLDING AN FAA LICENSE BUT HOLDING A TRANSPORT CANADA LICENSE: It is a relatively simple process for holders of the Canadian Commercial License to obtain the FAA License thanks to a special agreement between the FAA and Transport Canada: All TC License holders need to do is contact an FAA FSDO (Flight Standards District Office) and make arrangements to take the written conversion exam.

FOR PILOTS NOT HOLDING AN FAA OR TRANSPORT CANADA LICENSE BUT HOLDING AN ICAO LICENSE (EASA FROZEN ATPL, AUSTRALIAN CASA CPL IR ME, ETC): Once pilots are approved to join the Metroliner or Beech 99 First Officer program, they can then complete at their own expense the FAA license conversion training with the FAA flight school of their choice (including flight schools referred by Eagle Jet International). On an average basis, plan on 1 to 2 months and a budget of $8,000 to $10,000 USD for the FAA conversion.

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