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Published on: 2018-05-26
Valid to: 2018-11-24
Job Role:
Pilot, Captain / Commander
Asia, India
Annual salary from:
269800 €
Aircraft type:
Airbus A320 Family
Job description

**IndiGo is conducting assessments in Amsterdam on Nov 20, 21 & 22.

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IndiGo Airlines Airbus A320 Captain Opportunities

IndiGo Airlines offers a unique opportunity for out of currency A320 captains

AeroPersonnel is pleased to present IndiGo Airlines requirements for 160 Airbus A320 Captains for employment before December 31, 2018. IndiGo offers one of the best non-Chinese financial packages. It offers one of the fairest expat pilot employment contracts bar none.

IndiGo accepts candidates up to age 62 and offers an excellent opportunity to continue flying up to 65. Furthermore, IndiGo also accepts candidates who have not flown the Airbus A320 within the last 30 months. Subject to a training bond, they will provide recurrent training to accepted candidates.

IndiGo conducts on demand screenings in India. Excluding travel, candidates need to be in India for only two days. Candidates can schedule their screening during their regular time off. Current and non-current Airbus A320 captains are invited to attend.

IndiGo Airlines Rotation Options & Renumeration

IndiGo Airlines offers one of the best Airbus A320 financial packages outside of China

The figures below include monthly remuneration, all bonuses and allowances, averaged over four years. Before tax (gross) figures are shown only for illustrative and comparative purposes. Full taxes are paid in India and come under bilateral taxation treaties between India and the candidate’s country of residence; avoiding double taxation.

Two rotation options

  1. 6 weeks on / 2 weeks
  2. 12 weeks on / 4 weeks off

Annual before tax (gross) 269,400 US$

Annual after tax (net) 175,100 US$

Monthly after tax (net) including all allowances and bonuses 14,500 US$

IndiGo offers a renewable three year contract subject to DGCA approval.

The IndiGo Airlines pilot contract offers exclusive options not present in other competing contracts. A contract sample is available on request from qualified applicants.


IndiGo Airlines A320 Captain Technical Requirements

  • Hold a recognized ATPL with a Class 1 medical certificate alongside a command type rating on the A320 aircraft
  • 5,000+ hours total time with 2,000+ hours PIC multi-engine time and 500+ hours as PIC on a variant of the A320 aircraft family
  • Flown a variant of the A320 within the last 30 months
  • Age 62 or below when joining the airline

Candidates who have not flown the A320 within the last 30 months are acceptable under the following conditions:

  • Meet the above requirements with the exception of the currency requirement
  • Successfully complete the pre-medical and simulator assessment
  • Sign an employment contract with IndiGo subject to obtaining the necessary ATPL qualifications to fly in India
  • Complete A320 recurrent training at candidate expense (about 5,500 US$)
  • Recurrent training will be reimbursed by airline subject to a training bond after joining

This is a unique opportunity offered by a World Class Airline

AeroPersonnel provides the best Expat Pilot support, starting from the moment you apply!

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Last updated: Sept 20, 2018

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