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Job Role:
Pilot, Captain / Commander
Aircraft type:
Boeing B737 NG
Job description

Captain Package Contract Choices: Residence Package or Commuting Package

Approximate NET compensation per month: Not including the prorated amounts for the annual bonus and contract completion bonus, the basic guaranteed salary is approximately: $22,100 per month (Residents) $19,435 per month (Commuter)

• Base Salary (minimum guarantee): $13,532/mo.

• Annual Bonus (before tax): $8,130/yr

• Contract Completion Bonus (before tax): $40,705 paid at the end of the 5 year contract. The contract is based on a 50 hour minimum guarantee. Fight hours above 50 hours are calculated using $322/hour overtime rate.


500 hours PIC time on type (for candidates who are current within 12-24 months) Type rated Captains should have one year PIC experience Total time 4000 hours.

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