Instructors & Trainers, Flight Instructor

Advanced Flight Instructor

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Job Role:
Instructors & Trainers, Flight Instructor
Aircraft type:
Diamond DA42
United Arab Emirates

Job description

1. Perform those flight instructor duties authorized by the GCAA Regulations in accordance with the approved Training Manuals.
2. Teach a range of GCAA Pilot Licence courses within the scope of approval
3. Conduct required synthetic flight instruction
4. Conduct timely briefing and de briefing to the trainee pilots and generate the grades for each flight undertaken.
5. Ensure all students understand and practice all aspects of Flight Safety.
6. Regularly schedule each assigned student to ensure satisfactory progress through the course and immediately inform CFI of any delays in training or unsatisfactory progress.
7. Responsible for accurately maintaining all appropriate records to include student training record, student logbook, and computer records.
8. Ensure that course standards, training requirements, and objectives are met by all assigned students as stipulated in the applicable Training Manuals.
9. Initiate stage check requests for assigned students.
10. Responsible for the timely course completion of all flight students assigned, including completion of required paperwork.
11. Monitor the maintenance condition of the training aircraft, and inform Aircraft maintenance personnel of any safety issues, defects, unserviceability, inoperative items technical snags etc.
12. Recommend curriculum and courseware improvements when appropriate and develop new curriculum or courseware as assigned.
13. Impart theoretical knowledge instruction in the aircraft technical for the Aircraft
14. Assist CFI & HT on any training activities as required by them
15. Verify the student eligibility and requirements for CAR FCL licence issue
16. Update his/her own records and maintain the required currencies of licenses, rating certifications etc.
17. Coordinate with flight operations for flight booking for the students and issue necessary authorizations for each flight sorties concerned



1)1,500 hours Flight Instructional experience.
2)Instrument Rating Instructor (IRI).
3)Multi-Engine Class Rating Instructor (CRI).